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Final Walk/QC Checklist


Final Walk/QC Checklist - ROOFING

"*" indicates required fields


Is the garage door damaged?*
Are the window screens damaged?*
Are there tar marks on the siding or deck?*
Is there broken siding?*
Are the gutters damaged?*
Are the downspouts damaged?*
Is there any damage to the yard?*
Are there oil stains or damage to the driveway?*


Was the debris cleaned out of the gutters?*
Was the drip edge installed correctly?*
Shingles overhang correct? 1/4" to 3/4"*
Take Pictures!
Are the shingles installed in a straight line?*
Are the pipe collars painted?*
Were the appropriate flashings replaced?*
Take Pictures!
Were there six nails per shingle?*
Are the nailing lines consistent?*
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Are all exposed nails caulked?*
Are there any shiners?*
If we installed RV, are the gable vents closed?*


Are gutters and downspouts installed in the right place?*
Are the gutters aligned correctly with the roof?*
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