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Final Walk/QC Checklist


Final Walk/QC Checklist SIDING

"*" indicates required fields

MM slash DD slash YYYY


Is the garage door damaged?*
Are there tar marks on the siding or deck?*
Are the window screens damaged?*
Are the gutters damaged?*
Is there broken siding?*
Are the downspouts damaged?*
Is there any damage to the yard?*
Are there oil stains or damage to the driveway?*
Are there any scratches on window frames/casing?*
Verified Interior/Exterior Cleanup - ALL TRASH PICKED UP:*
Landscape In Good Condition/Free Of Any/All Project Debris*


Inspected Interior/Exterior Caulking*
Inspected Interior Casing/Trim*
Was Drip Cap Installed Over Windows/Doors?*
Confirmed All Latches/Locks Are Working?*
Did you Demonstrate Window Operation (Open/Close/Etc.)?*


Is the siding wavy? If so, needs to be corrected.*
Was the soffit replaced in the right areas?*
Was the fascia replaced in the right areas?*
Does the fascia look wavy? If so, needs to be corrected.*
Are the fascia and/or J-channel corners mitered?*
Is the siding and soffit tied in together correctly?*
Does the caulk job look good?*
Is all of the cable, phone, electrical boxes re-attached?*
Make sure flashings are not leaning towards house?*
Are siding overlaps consistent?*


Are gutters and downspouts installed in the right place?*
Are the gutters aligned correctly with the roof?*